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Vasectomy is a surgical procedure performed on men as a permanent form of contraception.

It involves cutting or sealing the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra. By interrupting the flow of sperm, vasectomy prevents pregnancy. It is a highly effective and safe procedure with a low risk of complications. Vasectomy does not affect sexual function or hormone production. Vasectomy reversal surgery can be performed should you change your mind, but a successful result is not guaranteed.

Vasectomy Diagram

Common Reasons for Vasectomy:

  • Contraception: Many men choose vasectomy as a permanent contraceptive method when they no longer desire to have children or want to share responsibility for family planning with their partner.
  • Completion of Family: Men who have achieved their desired number of children may opt for vasectomy to provide a long-term and reliable contraceptive solution.
  • Health Concerns: Some men with certain medical conditions or genetic disorders may choose vasectomy to prevent passing on these conditions to their children.
  • Partner’s Health: In cases where the female partner has health concerns or complications related to contraception, vasectomy can be an alternative solution.

Vasectomy Methods & Key Differences:

This method involves going to day surgery (hospital) and having sedation or a general anaesthetic so you are ‘knocked out’ and not aware the procedure is being done.

This method may be necessary for those with previous surgery in the area (eg: groin hernia surgery or previous vasectomy surgery) or for those who simply want to avoid being “aware” the procedure is being performed.

In this method, your surgeon makes one or two small incisions in the scrotum to access the vas deferens. The vas deferens is then cut, a small section may be removed, and the ends are sealed or tied. The incisions are closed with stitches or adhesive.

All of our urologists perform this vasectomy method.

This method involves a simple visit to your surgeon’s rooms and having the vasectomy performed ‘same day’ under local anaesthetic only.

This technique is similar to the conventional vasectomy but involves a single puncture or small opening in the scrotum instead of an incision. Specialised instruments are used to grasp and isolate the vas deferens for cutting and sealing.

Dr Tim Skyring and A/Prof Peter Chin perform this vasectomy method.

Vasectomy is most commonly performed using the No-Scalpel, In-Clinic method as an outpatient procedure (same day) under local anaesthesia, meaning the patient remains awake but does not feel pain in the surgical area.

This usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. After the procedure, it is important to follow post-operative instructions, including rest, pain management, and avoiding strenuous activities. It takes a few months for ejaculations to clear any remaining sperm from the reproductive system, so alternative contraception methods are advised until a sperm test confirms the absence of sperm.

It is crucial to discuss the decision of vasectomy with a healthcare professional who can provide detailed information, assess personal circumstances, and address any concerns.

All of our urologists have significant experience performing vasectomy surgery.  However, some of our specialists have longer waiting times than others due to their various sub-specialised areas of expertise in specific procedures, or their commitment to public practice.  If you are unsure which specialists to see, or want to ensure the shortest waiting time, please contact us for a recommendation.

Our Urologists who specialise in Vasectomy Surgery:

A/Prof Timothy Skyring



A/Prof Peter Chin



Dr Elizabeth Dally

BMed, MASurg, DCH, PGDipEpid, FRACS

Paediatric Urologist

Dr Paul Kovac



Dr Rahul Rindani



Dr Helen Nicholson

BSc(Adv), MBBS(Hons), FRACS


Dr Minh Tran



Dr Rasha Gendy



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