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Paediatric Urology

Paediatric urology is a specialised field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions in infants, children, and adolescents.

It encompasses a wide range of conditions affecting the urinary tract and genitalia in paediatric patients. Paediatric urologists have expertise in the surgical and medical management of these conditions and work closely with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care for paediatric patients.

Common Paediatric Urological Conditions:

  • Overview: VUR is a condition in which urine flows backward from the bladder into the ureters and sometimes up into the kidneys.
  • Causes: Congenital abnormality of the valve mechanism between the bladder and ureters.
  • Symptoms: Recurrent urinary tract infections, urinary urgency, frequency, or incontinence.
  • Treatment: Antibiotics to prevent urinary tract infections, surgical correction in severe cases.
  • Overview: Hydronephrosis is the enlargement or swelling of the kidney due to urine build-up caused by obstruction or abnormality.
  • Causes: Congenital abnormalities, urinary tract obstruction, vesicoureteral reflux.
  • Symptoms: Abdominal pain, urinary tract infections, urinary urgency, frequency.
  • Treatment: Depends on the underlying cause, may include observation, medication, surgical intervention to correct the obstruction.
  • Overview: Undescended testicles occur when one or both testicles fail to descend into the scrotum from the abdomen.
  • Causes: Hormonal or mechanical factors that disrupt normal testicular descent.
  • Symptoms: Absence of one or both testicles in the scrotum.
  • Treatment: Hormonal therapy, surgical intervention (orchidopexy) to bring the testicles down into the scrotum.
  • Overview: PUV is a condition in males where there are abnormal flaps of tissue in the urethra, obstructing urine flow.
  • Causes: Congenital abnormality of the urethra in males.
  • Symptoms: Urinary tract infections, weak urine stream, urinary retention, abdominal pain.
  • Treatment: Endoscopic surgery to remove or ablate the obstructing tissue, ongoing monitoring and management.

It is important to note that this list covers some common paediatric urological conditions, but there are many other conditions that paediatric urologists treat. Each individual case can vary, and treatment options depend on various factors. Consultation with a paediatric urologist is essential for accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment.

Our Urologists who specialise in Paediatric Urology:

Dr Elizabeth Dally

BMed, MASurg, DCH, PGDipEpid, FRACS

Paediatric Urologist

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